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i left everything behind that day.

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He's A Liar

He doesn't know if he's known all along. He knows what they are and he knows what they do; God's True Apostles, bringing retribution on the imposters and a Great Flood to reset humanity.

He lies to his Earl because he's changed his agenda, and Mana is the only one penciled in.

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Cross sat at the cafe table, cigarette in an ashtray smoldering down to the end as the redhead read the small book in his hand. Every once in a while, the man took a sip of his wine or a drag of his cigarette but returned to his book.

The exorcist was waiting for something. Or... More like Someone. And that someone was late.
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Red hair was a novelty in most parts of the world, especially when it was this long. At least he had it pulled into a low ponytail so it wasn't in the way of anything.

Cross had forgone his usual Exorcist General uniform this visit, choosing to dress in his priest outfit. The man found that this "uniform" opened far more doors than that of the Black Order and open doors was exactly what he needed to have more of now.

"Not long at all. Just forty-five minutes late is all. Hardly a blink in the face of time." The man looked at his friend with an arched brow, frown on his lips. His tone had clearly hinted at annoyance. Hard to help someone when they were unwilling to meet up on time.