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o p e n 。y u u k a n d a ( h a l l e l u j a h )

let's call it human experimentation and leave it at that.

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Hallelujah, Hallelujah

They brought him back from Martel, two years after the incident.

The last thing he remembers seeing is sand drifting around him, disturbed by his own fall. His hand had reached out in the direction of Alma's grave, but he never told them where he (where she) was. He would not tell them, so they used him instead. They brought Mugen out of storage and dismantled it into pieces; he would not cooperate and make it revert into its raw state, so they used the shards for implantation.

Weeks later, he's back on the field, his memory supposedly wiped clean.

God has nothing to do with it, and he fights for a world forsaken.
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[It had been eight (long) months since they had last seen each other. Possibly for the best as far as his twin was concerned, even if, from what he had heard, 'Llujah's home was hell. Dealing with the day-to-day struggle of trying to fine something to do was worse, in Kanda's own mind.

But in the eight months, he had gone home at least once. Recently got back, since he was still in his uniform. In the eight months, they had taken away some of the living space the restored apartment building offered to make due with daily needs.

Such as a kitchen and dining room. It was nowhere near complete, but it was definitely something they hadn't had before. And it's where Kanda had taken his older twin to for some tea. It had to be a funny sight, making tea over a bucket. Thankfully Allen had saved all the supplies when people had left before he left himself. He had never really been back for long since.

Once the tea was made, though, Kanda poured them each a glass and set Kanda's on the table in front of him before taking a seat.

... Surely this can be less awkward and silent than their previous meditation sessions together.


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[It's a shame that you missed out on the Credinta invasion, really. He and Lavi got some much needed fighting out of the way. (Though, aha, they were often in the front lines and thus, injured.) But without any Noah there really was minimal conflict.

Which sucked, but. They'll manage, somehow. Like always.

Comfortable? The tables were pretty much a team effort, Lavi headed that project. Things they had to do and Allen left behind. It was a start, at least. Libitina helped with that by giving them a new apartment building.

He's less frazzled, less lost. Found who he was looking for at home, just had to get away from the city they were in. Unfortunately, Allen's a bum and had no money on him that could be used, but it's. oddly okay, with Kanda, to lose pieces of his uniform that way. The funny thing is, it's his first time in Nesreca even with it. It had only been three days at home, but it's been months since he had even been home last.

Kanda managed to get some mint tea, it might help a little at least. He just takes a sip at his own cup, setting it down as he watches his twin. You make him wish that he could do something, Kandallujah. Alas, he's only a Crystal type, so he doesn't really...know much, beyond what he had been able to observe. But he can't imagine what it would even be like, to have shards of Innocence literally inside him.

All he had experienced, beyond the synchro tests, was the sharp pain in his arm he had felt right before he showed up. He's not sure why it had happened, though he figures it's a possible sign to Falling. (But had any Exorcists ever Fallen just days after receiving their Innocence?)

There should be something they could do. To make it easier for him.]

You okay?
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[It hasn't been too long, but also long enough. The uniform could be fixed if he wanted it to be, they've got a Queen around who offers her seamstress expertise to the other residents. Buttons and missing decorative chains, though, that's a loss. (Still silently cursing Allen for that, just a little. And whoever stole his and Johnny's travel money.) Though Lavi does - did - get a little fire snake happy. Should have seen him during the invasion, set soldiers on fire accidentally. Also Lenalee can still tend to hair needs, even if this one wouldn't remember there being two Kandas around.

Better is something, though. It's an improvement in the right direction, something they can take and work to better. Arms can be worked on, get their strength back. Kanda's own healing is probably barely better, though he wouldn't risk punching holes in walls if it meant breaking his hand. Denting walls like he had before is also out of the question now. And yes, don't scratch at your stone and he won't scratch at his. Luckily there's no Akuma or Noah here so there's nothing to worry about when it comes to losing sight in the other eye. Not that they'd even get the chance to with the number of Exorcists around. Something that Nesreca's always had in abundance for ages, it seems like a lifetime ago it was only him and Allen around with Alma.

Kanda wouldn't blame his twin, not in the slightest. He's personally afraid of turning into stone, it's the only fear he really has. Though if he ever catches wind of what the Order is trying to do in your world, he might as well just punch that hole through that wall and break his hand anyway. It's something that they shouldn't do, but it sounds like they'd do it anyway because everyone knows how desperate the Church is to get any kind of upper hand in the war, and Kanda (and Alma the Exorcist) has been the only truly successful experiment, even if the repercussions for it were incredibly high. (Especially when it cost them the North American branch and the Thirds, but it's likely they wouldn't care of such high stakes in another, alternate world.)

Though there's repercussions for going either route. Loss of physical movement and difficulty with that, Kanda's observed that much with the route his twin went. Being Crystal, though... that's a completely foreign thing. Even if his own blood is God's weapon, even if he can control it with his mind, he's not sure if it shows any signs of Falling or the threat of it. He's not sure what the pain in his arm truly meant, though he has his suspicions but deep down he doubts it's any kind of Bad Sign. The veins around his stigmata on his left arm appear to be less aggitated than they were when he came back, which is what makes him doubt his initial thought of a sign of Falling.

Though, still, there isn't really anyone to turn to when concerns like this are raised. Little things he doesn't really think about, not at home, but can't help but do so in Nesreca when there's nothing else to do. His resolve is solid, however, no doubt about that, he has his goals set in...stone, ironically. The reaction he had, though, it did and still does unsettle him.

The fun's totally subjective. Give him another horde of Akuma and he'll have a blast. Still feels at his best when fighting and killing them. Always has.

Pursing his lips a little and giving the other a slight frown.]
It's mint. It'll help. [TRY 8|

Doubt Libitina will ever stop pulling them back at bad times, though. It seems to be one of her Favorite Things, just so he can watch the reaction the "toys" give once they realize they're no longer at home. ...Though he totally would have been okay with not even coming back right before he drank his Innocence from Lenalee's hand. It wouldn't have been...recorded...then. Thank God Komui's never been here.

..And dude don't ever complain about back pains around Cross, he might joke about it. ...Okay it's Cross it's likely he will. But Kanda just stays quiet for a moment, giving a thoughtful look to his own tea. He's sorry there isn't much more he can do at the moment. He'll have to ask Yukio if there's any kind of painkillers around later. If not, he'll just have to ask Cross to get some.]
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