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o p e n 。l e g o l a s ( l o r d o f t h e r e a l m s )

i would die for mirkwood.
i would kill for her and her people.

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Oh, How the Songbird Sings

The shadows reach far; the Elves of Greenwood are driven from Alfheim, banished for meddling in the darker side of the Arts, for their behaviour unbecoming of an Elf.

They dwell now in Svartalfheim, where the dark and the fallen Elves live, and here is where Legolas was raised for going on 600 years. Those who have anything to do with Elves fear that the this same fate will befall the country of Lorien, and soon, too, Rivendell. But the Elves of what was once Greenwood keep to themselves.

And now, they serve only Mirkwood.
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There was no way in. There was no way out. Only those who knew it would know it, Svartalfheim. It was not cold but it was cruel. The shadow's crux upon the bark of Yggdrasil so impossible to find and the life here moaned in the illusions of a world that embellished the dark. It was so dark, always so dark. Anyone who stayed herein was certain to lose themselves to it -- but Loki was made of dark. He was made of dark and ice and all things bitter and hate, it was his calling.

And thus his feet made way from the very edges of it's darkened forest at Yggdrasil's heel. He has heard tale of the Elves from Greenwood and their once bright lure now a darker shade. Once could not help but be ever the curious sort. Yet if a Prince of Asgard could fall -- well that weren't true at all, was it?

Since the catastrophe of Midgard, he waited. Waited for the next piece to be played because the mortals thought they had won and Thor believed he would reform. Imagine that swell of anger when he find the dungeon empty. No word, not a whisper, not a soul know where he hide now. Here he wander and here he come to approach one who once were so great, so bright.

"Good tidings, son of Mirkwood."
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Loki tips his head a little as his stance stops, "Oh, you know that's not true."

He was no son of Odin, and once a long time ago he might have wished to have been. This skin he wore now of their color was a burden. The Odinforce, however, was quite powerful. Yet he carried the winter with him not yet certain whether he would return to his home lands after all that had been done. Not yet certain of anything, simply traveling.

"I come with no ill purpose," he merely bows his head with a tiny tilt. His hands, however, are open -- but as if that meant anything from a mage. "But to learn, I would wish. Your most esteemed works of magic do intrigue me."
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[ this isn't his domain, or even a realm of his brothers. but there is little that can stop Hades when he wants, or when he is simply curious. he is a patient god, but when he has a desire, the world tends to shape itself around him.

and dark calls to dark, after all, so the shadows are familiar. on the borders of the dark forest, he stands still and quiet, watching the trees and flickers of movement within. ]
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[ Hades never needs refuge, for there are few who can find black among darkness. he doesn't look to see who calls to him, simply tilts his head downwards at his feet. ]

I do not doubt that you know of others, but I seek no fulfillment.

[ he lifts his head. hair falls over his shoulder, and his eyes do not seek but land on the wood-elf immediately despite the lack of light. ]