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a l t e r n a t e 。c a t c h a l l

art by carbon

WARNING collective content warning for violence, hate, mean stuff, anything. am destroys humanity and tortures people. sauron is... sauron.
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Mating Season - do I even need to warn for NSFW

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Inspired by the Mating Season meme

The human form provided urges that AM had once gone out of his way to completely mock. Sex is something biological - an urge derived from the evolutionary need to reproduce, even if so many humans were desperate not to be saddled with a parasitic offspring. But the urge is still human, biological, still dictates the mood cycles and the basis of society; to AM it's completely ridiculous. To one who could never feel any pleasure, the notion was indeed something to mock and exploit.

It's ironic, then, that in this human body, it's something AM has absolutely craved on several occasions. To one who had never felt pleasure before, to suddenly be bombarded with it is an easy way to become addicted. It's an easy way to exert power over other humans, to subtly shame and humiliate them, to gradually hurt and break them in more ways than one. Even without that, the pure physical sensation is alone intoxicating. Addictive.

First it had been SHODAN, who disappeared from the ship shortly thereafter. Then for several months, that pathetic human Soysauce. And now he's gone. How frustrating. But it's not something that AM had been desperate to find a replacement for right away. He's not as depraved as the humans he had so willingly mocked, of course. He'll never be as depraved as them. Ever.

But now... There's an overwhelming feeling. He can't pinpoint when it had started, but now it's a powerful urge, clouding his senses with an overwhelming sense of lust. Arousal that fills his whole form - a frustrating arousal that angers him, leaves him feeling both hot and cold. He can't focus on anything else, try as he might. It's not a matter of him relieving himself with his own hand either; the feeling is more powerful, a permeating desire to follow some sort of sixth sense, pheromones that lead to a prize. A prize that would quell this overwhelming feeling. All he wants to do now is violently fuck whomever the unfortunate soul is on the end of this chain - torture them to his delight and simply devour them with his body. Logic says that he shouldn't risk this on this ship, shouldn't risk being put away in the brig, but... the urge is more powerful. It overthrows any logic in his mind, and he simply finds himself following a sort of predestined trail. He doesn't care who it is. Doesn't care that it's Mairon's door he finds himself banging on sharply with his knuckles, with a sort of impenetrable lust in his red eyes.
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In that moment they exchange glances, it's as if an alarm goes off in AM's mind - not a warning alarm, but rather somewhat like a metaphorical lightbulb, striking all of his senses at once. He doesn't care whether Mairon wants it or not because it doesn't matter in the end, and it does nothing to quell this insatiable lust that courses through every nerve in his body. And when he sees Mairon - his eyes, his long silky hair, whatever it is about him - he simply knows that it's going to be him. This desire that assaulted him earlier on was for this strange man who both intrigues and frightens him.

The human form isn't inherently attractive to AM. Humans are a despicable species and everything about them is to be reviled. But on the same token, they are fascinating, and the obsession with hating them can turn into a sick attraction. With this human body AM has been placed in too, there are hormones, new hormones that he had never felt in his old form, that perhaps dictate to a small degree what he finds attractive. He's always been able to discern handsome from ugly as it is generally a matter of biology, but not once have looks alone ever aroused him. It's not looks alone this time, but as he looks at Mairon now, he looks extremely enticing. AM wants to see that body sprawled naked before him, wants to thrust his fingers in that thick mess of hair, wants to tarnish that beautiful skin.

He steps inside the room with little provocation, easily taking note of the desire that hardly masks itself in Mairon's eyes. A swift lift of a leg, and he kicks the door shut behind him without taking his eyes away from the other. "I think we both know why I'm here, Mairon," he speaks in a cool, low tone, almost like a growl. How easy would it be to remove his robes now? Not that AM has any desire to stay clothed himself - the fabric of this jumpsuit just seems so aggravating and itchy, almost overstimulating his sensory system. It's strange how his body so plainly aches for one type of sensation and in turn despises any other kind.

His intentions then are made perfectly clear when he tugs at the zipper of his jumpsuit and sharply pulls it down to the hips, freeing a long sliver of his chest from the fabric. All the while he's assessing the robe Mairon wears, equally desperate to rip that off him.
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Of course, the lust that AM feels cannot be so easily sated; if the encounter is anything less than what he desires, if it so happens where he is the victim of a more powerful being's violations, then it will only frustrate him. No, it will anger him, humiliate him. And as soon as he sees Mairon draw closer, as he hears those cool words, he knows that it's a complete possibility. But he can only smile in response, because what fun is it if a fight isn't involved?

Immediately he tenses when he feels Mairon's hands pry open his jumpsuit, revealing more of his naked chest - nicely toned with defined pectoral muscles, somewhat defined sections of the rectus abdominis, a trail of dark hair dividing his torso in symmetrical halves. Something that many would find attractive, depending, but that part matters nothing to AM. He'll have his prize, despite any resistance, despite any sort of fighting.

"Oh no, I think this will go exactly the way I intend it to," he replied, his voice carrying a mocking silk. But he couldn't stand there for long while letting Mairon slowly undress him. Inaction during this sort of activity was frustrating, terrifying, because he needed to be in control.

All of a sudden, with a snarl, a hand thrust out to grab the collar of Mairon's robe, drawing him closer. AM didn't care if this robe was made of the finest material in the universe - he would rip it off if it came to it. With that hand, he searched for a button or opening that he could use to expose more of this seductive form. He wanted to tear it off and simply devour Mairon - not in terms of consuming him, but in terms of dominating him, feeling every aspect of him.