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mairon [sauron] ([personal profile] lordof) wrote in [community profile] edgeofglory2015-07-11 10:34 am

a u 。n a m e c u r s e d - r e d u x

or overfucked, apparently

It isn't often that Mairon is afraid of his master. Yes, Melkor is strong and powerful and mighty, and his temper can be testy, more often than not. But Mairon has always known how to navigate it, how to rebuff it, how to stand against the storm.


Except this time. Even if he tells himself it was a justified revenge, so to speak... he also knows there's no reason Melkor won't act again. The Vala is a fiend.

Mairon draws his robes closer around him, adjusting the choice pieces of his armor that he always wears, and knocks on the door of the room that his master has summoned him to. There's no small amount of anticipation and.. fear coming from him.

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