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a u 。n a m e c u r s e d - r e d u x

or overfucked, apparently

It isn't often that Mairon is afraid of his master. Yes, Melkor is strong and powerful and mighty, and his temper can be testy, more often than not. But Mairon has always known how to navigate it, how to rebuff it, how to stand against the storm.


Except this time. Even if he tells himself it was a justified revenge, so to speak... he also knows there's no reason Melkor won't act again. The Vala is a fiend.

Mairon draws his robes closer around him, adjusting the choice pieces of his armor that he always wears, and knocks on the door of the room that his master has summoned him to. There's no small amount of anticipation and.. fear coming from him.
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"Come in, Mairon."

Apparently his little fantasy with two Mairons had not gone how he had thought it would. Revenge would be complete but not at all subtle. That was not who Melkor was. When Mairon knocked on the door, there were several chains in his hand as he turned to the door. He wore only a loose robe tied with a sash- this time he would not just be shedding his clothes as soon as he saw the Maia.

"You will not need your clothes or armor," he said as he took in Mairon's appearance. There was a hard look in his eyes but a smirk on his lips. Revenge or not, he would enjoy this.
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Melkor only observes for a moment but this time he won't let himself get too distracted. But instead of answering Mairon's question, the chains are set down as he went over to a low table where a silver pitcher and a single goblet were. He filled the goblet to the brim before holding it out to the Maia. Of course it was drugged- both of them knew this but it was also know that either Mairon would consume it willingly or Melkor would make him.

There was no need to be subtle.

"Drink it it all," he commanded as he waited for Mairon to take the goblet from him.
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"Does it matter?" Melkor asked as he watched Mairon drink it. He won't give any explanations as the potion should be fast acting. They both know the mixture won't kill Mairon and there will be no resisting its effects even for a Maia.

Melkor had made sure of that.

Once Mairon had finished the goblet, Melkor came over to gently brush his fingers against his hair. Soon the Mairon would be at his mercy but he was willing to wait the few moments it took.

"How do you feel, Mairon?" Melkor asked softly, there was no amusement to his tone but a hard edge as he watched Mairon intently.
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Melkor smirked then as he moved his arms to catch Mairon. He can see all too clearly the effect the potion had on Mairon but to hear him to admit to such weakness, it made this all the better. He didn't need Mairon to get naked so he turned Mairon around to face the nearby table before forcing him down with a hand at the center of his back.

"The effects will quickly progress," Melkor said casually as he pressed up against Mairon from behind, letting him feel how aroused he was already. "It will wear off eventually but for now, you are all mine," Melkor said thoughtfully with a grin but there was a dangerous tone to his voice. He had plans.
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"I know you have. Completely," Melkor said as he grabbed the top of Mairon's pants before yanking them down roughly. The fabric ripped under his grasp as he pulled the material just down Mairon's thighs enough for his purpose.

"And right now you are mine to do with as I please. And I will take what I want from you- and I can tell that already excites you, doesn't it?" Melkor said simply as he reached down to rub Mairon's cock just for a moment. He didn't want to get Mairon worked up too much just yet.

He shoved Mairon down once more as he felt the Maia shift, keeping one hand pressed at the center of his back as he pulled down his own pants with the other.
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And devour him Melkor will.

He grabbed Mairon's hips tightly to hold him in place as he moved away just slightly. He didn't answer right away as he kissed down Mairon's lower back, down to the curve of his ass. Of course he had to take a moment to admire the freckles dotting it before he spread those cheeks.

"You will get what you deserve, Mairon, have no doubt of that," he said simply before leaning down to tease around Mairon's entrance with his tongue. It wasn't often that he went down on Mairon but saved it for those times when wanted to make Mairon completely lose it. And with Mairon at his mercy like this, he would be able to feel it all while being unable to do anything about it.
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Melkor knows Mairon isn't going anywhere but he still held Mairon's hip as he let his tongue explore, enjoying the sounds Mairon is making for him. The please is like music to his ears but he still takes his time as he seeks out those spots which makes Mairon make the most lovely sounds.

"Tell me what want, Mairon," he murmured before letting his tongue circle around Mairon's hole before slipping it in just slightly. He loved to tease Mairon like this, making him squirm and moan for him so delightfully.

Eventually he did move away though, looking down at Mairon as if considering what he would do to him next. The Maia was completely at his mercy and his cock was already hard just from the taste he had gotten.
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Melkor loves to hear Mairon moan for him and that is pleasing enough to keep going. He gave a low hum with his lips against Mairon's hole. He will keep going for a little bit at least, letting Mairon writhe helplessly in pleasure.

He pulled away after a moment with one last lick, taking in the sight of Mairon spread out before him on the table. "What is that Mairon, I cannot hear you," he teased as he reached around to lightly stroke Mairon's cock a couple times to feel how hard he was.

He plans to tease Mairon for as long as possible as part of the punishment but it's difficult to remain patient himself with Mairon looking so inviting. "You are going to have to speak out louder if you want something so badly."
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The begging makes Melkor hum a little louder with pleasure. It was rare when Mairon would resort to begging and no doubt he wanted this to be over so he could move again but Melkor was going take his time, just a little while longer.

He let his tongue venture down, teasing the underside of Mairon's balls as his fingers grasped his cock. But he didn't linger long before he moved away so he could push a finger inside of Mairon slowly, wanting him to feel everything as he curled it, looking for just that spot that would make the Maia lose it.
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Oh that was what he liked to hear. To hear Mairon be reduced to begging was delicious and he gave a shudder, rubbing his finger so slowly against that spot. He had been delighted when he had found that there was a spot inside the Maia that made him moan and even beg him or more- something which the Vala was more than happy to exploit.

He eventually did withdraw his finger, giving a low moan at the sight of Mairon writhing against the table top. "Hm, how badly do you want me to take you?" he asked with amusement, trailing a hand down one of Mairon's thighs before slapping it hard. He was hard and aching, ready to take Mairon but this was too delightful.

"I want to hear you really beg for my cock, Mairon."
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That is enough to make Melkor growl. He reaches up to slap Mairon's ass hard, leaving a red mark on the freckled skin to his satisfaction.

"Then that is what you will get, Mairon, I will make you scream until you're hoarse," Melkor snarled. He gave Mairon no warning before grabbing his thigh and shoving into him all the way, filling him up completely. He wasn't going to be gentle as he took Mairon hard, shoving as deep as he could go inside of him with a loud groan.

It felt so good, he couldn't control himself especially after how much he had teased Mairon before.
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Melkor was more than pleased to hear Mairon's screams. Even when he felt the Maia's orgasm, Melkor shoved in harder seeking that spot in way that made Mairon scream so delightfully.

"You can and you will." Melkor reached down to put his hand on the back of Mairon's neck to hold him in place even if the Maia couldn't move properly.

But he didn't stop, not until he's satisfied and spilling inside of Mairon with a loud groan and one last hard thrust.

If Mairon thinks that's the end of it, he would be very much mistaken. Melkor intends to keep Mairon where he is as long as the drug lasts in his system.

He leaned over to press a kiss against the back of Mairon's neck, still buried inside of him. "Do you believe you have been sufficiently punished, Mairon?"
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The utterances in Valarin just makes this more intense. The language is the tongue of the immortals, something shared to them. There is vibration in the words which resonate through both of them. To any mortal, the sound of Valarin is pain but to Melkor it makes him shudder.

"That I will," Melkor said with a laugh as he reached down to smack Mairon's ass while he was still buried inside of him. But he did pull out then, slowly as to enjoy the feeling of Mairon twitching around him. He enjoyed the sight for only a moment before he was bending over to grab something. He had prepared well for this evening and he picked up a toy- one which is black and bears spikes. He doesn't doubt that Mairon will be able to handle it- especially as slick as he no doubt is by now.

While the size of the toy doesn't compare to Melkor's own cock, it did provide some different sensations, something he was sure Mairon would appreciate as he straightened up with a smirk, making sure to hold it so Mairon could get a look at it from the corner of his eyes.
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"That is because you did not. I made it for you." He said softly in Valarin but the power in his words was still there, breathed against the skin of his lower back before he pressed his lips against the dip in his back. It was almost affectionate

He sees the fear and anticipation but he only put the tip inside Mairon for a bit, letting him adjust for a moment. "Do you want to feel it all?" he taunted as he moved up Mairon, kissing up along his spine as he held the toy in place with amusement

He wanted Mairon to enjoy every moment of this and slowly he trailed a finger down to the toy, twisting it in place for a moment.
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The begging is what he loves. It's all too rare so when Mairon does beg, it's something special. He twisted the toy in Mairon a little, willing to give him a bit what he wanted as he suddenly shoved it in half way, letting Mairon enjoy that. The base of the toy had spikes, something to give Mairon something special which he could not wait to see how the Maia liked it.

"You must really need this if you are willing to swear to Eru," he teased as he kissed down Mairon's hip, loving how the Maia shuddered and squirmed. And with that he shoved the toy all the way in without warning, laughing against Mairon's skin.
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That's what Mairon thinks now but Melkor his his ways, he just has to find the breaking point where Mairon can't help but scream for him.

He laughed again, leaning down to kiss Mairon's thigh as he kept the toy in place. "Considering my cock doesn't have spikes, I won't take offense at that," he said as he twisted the toy inside of Mairon for his own amusement.

"Now how should I fuck you with this, that is the question," the Vala said, slowly withdrawing the toy and sliding it back inside Mairon. He could take his time or just fuck Mairon hard and raw with it. Either way seemed delightful- perhaps he would mix it up and see what he got from that.