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you're naive. we're destroyers, not saviors.

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[ first of all: it wasn't his idea to partner up with kanda. it just kind of happened, and now he is feeling the horrible sensation of regret.

not about kanda (mostly). just the guns. ]

This shotgun is a piece of shit.

[ so lets use it to bludgeon a zombie's head. ]
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[ yeah well, that was for a good cause. mostly. ]

No I didn't.

You probably couldn't use it anyway.
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I would have picked something else if there weren't only shotgun shells left.

[ DUCKING. fuck you too, eggplant. heine did call it a piece of shit, but that's by his standards — it still fires just fine and he kneecaps a zombie coming up behind kanda before blowing out its brains. ]

So get one of them and stop getting up close.
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[ well, they can take the guns away later. and then give heine back his double pistols and get kanda's supernatural sword.

...maybe the shotguns are a less dangerous option. ]

There's plenty to go around.

[ he's offended. come on, he knows how to use nearly every kind of firearm, and if he isn't familiar with it, he can figure it out. ]

I wouldn't waste it on your kneecaps when this shit is going on. [ speaking of brains: have some more shooting out of them. ]
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[ no one will be able to stop the destruction then!! ]

There's probably some kind of source. Or at least a clearing.

[ strategy? what is 'strategy'? ]

Sorry, does that bother you? [ then, of course, he does it again. ]
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Then let's move it.

[ wow, douche. he does move back, but not fast enough, because the bat smashes into his chin and cracks something in his face. ]

Shit. You fucking asshole.

[ cue glaring murderously while his jawbone heals! luckily for their joined efforts, though, heine is more occupied with shooting yet another zombie before he starts moving towards what appears to be the thick of the crowd. ]
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That doesn't mean you shouldn't go fuck yourself.

[ heine hates you a lot, eggplant. just so you know. he rubs his face but he doesn't whine! at least, not for a while. it's pretty obvious that the zombies are coming from a weird stone gate several hundred yards away.

...they'll cross the bridge of how they're going to destroy a rock structure when they get to it. ]
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You know me. [ snarkiest super soldier around. or is that kanda? ]

You call this fun?

[ BLAM. ZOMBIE BRAINS. ] You need to get out more.

Stop making excuses for yourself and get the fuck over there.
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[ he spits blood, straightens, and tosses the empty shotgun into the trunk of the car. then looks around at the mess, snorts, and mutters: ]


[ his skin still feels hot, burning with adrenaline and the need to move, move, to take things down. maybe his hands are shaking a little, but he shoves them into his pockets and pretends they aren't.

he still wants to break things. bones, preferably. ]
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[ ow. he leans away, overbalances, and stumbles a little before moving back to slam the trunk closed. ]

Shut up. I don't ever want to have to go through that shit again.

[ one zombie horde is enough for a lifetime, honestly. he shoves kanda's shoulder, not hard but not exactly gently. ]

Let's get out of here already.
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eaten by the dw monsters

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Like you can drive without someone telling you where shit is. You'd crash in half a mile.

[ though let's be honest, neither of them drive at anything resembling legal speeds. GOOD THING IT'S THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE AND THE POLICE AREN'T... alive, mostly.

staring off into the distance over the piles of limp bodies, he abruptly turns and goes after him, slamming his foot into the car door next to kanda's shin. just to, you know, catch his attention. casual. ]

I'm driving.
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Re: EATEN BY TIME AND no excuses sob

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[ he falls back, steadying himself after a moment and taking the step forward again. ] Yeah, right.

[ RUDE, his driving is great. ]

You really want to fight about this? [ he steps in close, pushing himself into kanda's personal space and scowling. as hands-off as he is most times, the adrenaline's effects are strong enough that he's still ready for a fight, or something equally physical. ]
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